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Case study one – Read Integrative case study: Teamwork in China: a cultural cha

Case study one – Read Integrative case study: Teamwork in China: a cultural challenge?  In Iszatt-White & Saunders (2014), pp101-102 and respond to  Iszatt-White & Saunders' questions in 300 words minimum: a. How would you advise your Board of Directors in relation to their  desire to introduce team working into their plants in China? What do you  think would be the benefits and challenges of such a move? b. As the proposed expatriate general manager of the Chinese plant,  how would you go about introducing teams and team working to the plant?  What would you want to know about the employees and about surrent  working practices before making the change? c. How would you practice 'team leadership' in this context, and how  might this differ from team leadership in a more individualistic  culture? More generally, how transferable do you think this style of  leadership is to other cultures? Case study two – Read Integrative case study: General Mills leadership development and  respond to the questions at the end of the case in 300 words minimum: a. The General Mills leadership programmes have clearly been  successful in developing leaders in the organization. Are meditation,  taking time out, and being focused attributes you would ascribe to  leaders you admire? b. Consider the literature that has been discussed in this case  study. What elements is General Mills drawing on in its programmer to  develop its leaders? c. From your knowledge of how leaders develop, what, if anything, would you say is missing from the general Mills approach? Case study three – Read Integrative case study: Aditya Birla Group in Iszatt-White &  Saunders (2017), pp 275-277 and respond to Iszatt-White & Saunders'  questions in 300 words minimum: a. What strikes you about the social activities of the group? b. Do you think the approach of the Aditya Birla Group is one that could be easily copied? c. What part does leadership have to play in the development of such an integrated approach to business and society? d. From what you have learned about Mrs. Rajashree Birla, write a  short definition of responsible leadership for a sustainable world. Note – All case studies are attached. word count:1200


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