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OVERVIEW1. Project Background and DescriptionAs the 2018 technology placements h

OVERVIEW1. Project Background and DescriptionAs the 2018 technology placements have been completed, SchyndelWorks now has a team of technology graduates that can help them setup their public facing website. These graduates will work with the cloud engineer to deliver a product that meets all the business requirements specified in sections 3 & 4 of this document.2. Project ScopeThe web development team has already created the necessary code (PHP) for the SchyndelWork’s public facing websites. This code must now be deployed to a public facing website hosted on the cloud.3. High-Level RequirementsThe new system must be able to meet the following business requirements2Business Requirement (A): Creation of Web-Server-ABR (A).1 – Archive:• After looking at the business requirements, the cloud engineer has specified that we create a new VM to host Web-Server-A on a “t2.micro” ec2 instance of AWS (or equivalent if using azure).• On this VM compile & install a version of apache 2.4.25 from source.• Since performance is a key concern, might be good to use an appropriate MPM.Note: The cloud engineer is adamant that Apache installed via a package manager for Web-Server-A will NOT NECESSARILY be better/easier/meet all requirements. But, could still very likely be a possible path to go down.BR (A).1.1Web-Server-A will initially be used as staging server so it must serve http via port 8070.Ensure that the port firewall is open & visible.BR (A).1.2Server should be installed at /etc/apache2/schyndel/server_rootBR (A).1.3All necessary user key/password/group files for auth to be placed at/etc/apache2/schyndel/server_root/authBR (A).1.4As PHP web developers have been contracted to create site content, your website should have the capability of executing & serving PHP scriptsBR (A).1.5• To allow continuity of business, SchyndelWorks requires all work done to be documented.• You will need to create “business-requirement-a/a-report.txt” which documents all work that you have undertaken.• Your report must document all the work done as a part of each business requirement.• If you make any changes to configuration files, it must be commented & reference the business requirement id.• For example, when setting the port, you will need to add the following comment in your configuration file# BR (A).1.1: As per requirement, changed port from 80 to 8080BR (A).1.6They’ve asked for a clear description as to why escaping and encoding URLs is important. The Cloud Engineer has asked you to explain in a comment in the configuration (and in you’re a-report.txt), why the changes are needed to be made to Apache as described in this URL:


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