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Writing Assignment 1 The memory chapter of your textbook includes a section with

Writing Assignment 1 The memory chapter of your textbook includes a section with tips from the science of memory,   and how to apply those in studying and in life. For your writing assignment you will read and summarize this section, you will find an authoritative web site that covers study skills and memorization, and you will construct a study plan for your upcoming exam for this class. Your paper should have the following three sections:   Section 1: Read the section of chapter 6 titled “Tips from the Science of Memory—for Studying and for Life” Summarize the key information from this section in your own words, in approximately one page Section 2: Find an authoritative web site on the internet that covers study skills and memorization of class material. In the Resources area under the main menu of the course you will find a document (CRAAP Test) which will guide you in evaluating websites on criteria of Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy and Purpose. Review this document as you choose your website.   Explain why this site is authoritative (you may cite some of the criteria from the CRAAP Test), and summarize some of the suggestions of this site in your own words. Compare its suggestions to those from your book – to what extent do they overlap or differ? This section also should be approximately one page.   Section 3: Using the material summarized in sections 1 and 2, outline a study plan that you could use to prepare for your upcoming midterm exam. Explain specifically what you could do in order to best prepare for the exam, using techniques outlined in both the textbook and your outside website. This section should be between a half page and a full page.   Additionally, your paper should include a title page (within the same document as the paper) listing your name, class section, professor’s name and the date. And, your paper should include a reference page. Your reference page should include citations for your textbook and your website, both in APA format.   The emphasis in this paper is demonstrating understanding of the material, as summarized in your own words. You may use direct quotes if they are short and clearly cited within quotation marks, but you should not use longer block quotes. The paper should be formatted as follows:   The paper should be double-spaced, no more than 12 point font, preferably Times New Roman or Calibri. Do NOT use Courier font. Margins should be no more than 1.25 inches all around. The paper must be submitted in either Microsoft Word .DOC format or Microsoft Word .DOCX format. The “Save As…” menu in most word processors will allow you to select one of these formats. If your word processor does not allow you to save in one of these formats,   the college does allow students to download a copy of Microsoft Office for free. Instructions on doing this can be found in the Start Here area of the course, under Step 3: Help with Blackboard and Technology If you do not submit in one of these formats, I may not be able to open the file (warning: I cannot open files in Microsoft Works or Apple Pages format). If I cannot open the file, you will receive a zero for the assignment.


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